Skin Care Routine for Dark Spots, Aging and Discoloration

This is for my girls with perfectly imperfect skin and a strong determination to age gracefully.

Dark spots, discoloration and aging aren’t my favorite things to talk about but that doesn’t make them go away, so let the convo begin!


As promised, I’m excited to share my new skin care routine. 

I've been using this routine for over a month now and I am already seeing some pretty awesome results. Not to mention, I got these results during the summer! If you have dark spots you know they get worse with sun and this year, we’ve had plenty of it!

Let me fill you in on my skin.

I have ALWAYS LOVED the sun! Like - baby oil for tanning lotion kinda love. I am literally shaking my head in discuss at myself right now so don't worry, you don't have to scold me on how horrible that is. To top it all off, my family and I lived nearly 5 glorious years on the island of Oahu in Hawaii were I may or may not have been darker than my Puerto Rican husband! Needless to say, I am only 37 years old and your girl has some pretty prominent sunspots and discoloration ALL OVER MY FACE! 

Let’s look at a not so flattering before and after photo shall we.


After one month of use

During the summer months!

Yep, that’s my no makeup, dark and red spotted cheek!

Can you see the difference?

I’ve tried a lot of products before. Some were ok but so far these have brought me the best and fastest results.

Here’s the routine I’ve been following!





It took some time for me to get use to adding a morning and nightly skin care routine to my day but now its something I love doing.

I’ve noticed, these bottles seem to last longer than other skin care products that I have tried. These bottles have lasted for over two months which is a huge perk for a saver like me.

If you are interest in giving these products a try, please feel free to contact my friend Brittany by email.

This is not a sponsored post and I am not affiliated with these products in any way.

When I told my friend I was going to share my new routine on the blog, I asked if she could help my readers get a hold of these products and she graciously said yes. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

And that’s it for now! As I continue aging:) and learning, I’ll keep sharing.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget, I love hearing from you.

Is there something specific you’d like for me to share or talk about on the blog?

Comment below and if you give any of these products a try, please share your personal review with me.

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