Our Love Story...14 years and Counting!

14 years ago I married the love of my life. There is no doubt in my mind that we were meant to be! I know when God created me, he had Tony in mind and when he created Tony, he had me in mind.

Due to the Army life we lead, we are not able to share this special day together because we are miles apart, so I decided to share our story with you...

1. Because it always fills my heart.

2. Because it reminds me of God's mercy and grace and how far he has already brought us.

3. Because I know my husband checks out my blog and loves to read what I write :)

So this is to honor him, even from miles away, because even though he tells this story best, his love has changed my life in the most amazing way possible!

Our love story starts off with two babies in the NICU, a concussion and some peanuts...you know...the way that all great love stories do:)


Tony was born 10 days before me and although he was an Army brat who traveled the world, he was born in my home town, same hospital and all! After he was released from the hospital he started having some complications which landed him right back at the same hospital where I was being born. When I was born, I too ended up in the NICU which puts us in the NICU together! Tony always said that he seen my pink beanie cap and fell in love!:)


After living in many different places, Tony entered the Army right out of high school, which as you may have guessed, sent him back to my home town...our hometown but he'll never claim it:) This meant, my man, was in the 82nd Airborne and was taught to jump out of perfectly good airplanes! One of these jumps didn't go as planned and resulted with him landing on his head...which is apparently what it took for the next part of our love story to happen because after getting out of the hospital, a good friend convinced him to go out to eat with him.


During this time, I was a single mom and full time college student who waited tables at Logan's Roadhouse just to make ends meet. Living in an Army town my whole life, the dreaded table full of GI's was what I did and didn't want to see! I knew the tip would be nice but they would try to flirt with me the ENTIRE time and this special night was no different! In fact, Tony will tell you that as he walked into the front door of Logan's, he seen me walking down the ramp, into the kitchen, IN SLOW MOTION! Must have been the concussion! Then as luck would have it, he was sat in my section!

As I walked into one of our dinning rooms to do the whole "Welcome to Logan's" speech, an incredibly handsome Puerto Rican young man, who for some crazy reason use to SHAVE his widows peek, looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes and asked me something I will never forget. "Are you Puerto Rican?" My first thought...UGH...my reply, "Do I look Puerto Rican to you?' I mean seriously, its plain to see that I am white! This started the heated debate, smart remarks and some peanut throwing that ultimately lead to us falling in love!

Every time I walked into the room, Tony would be whispering something about me to the other guys. The problem was, his back was turned towards me so I caught him every time...14 years later, he still doesn't get away with much! Right before I brought the checks to the table full of guys that Tony was with, he called me over and said he had a question to ask me. The question...trust me, it an original..."IF you COULD give anyone at this table your number, WHO would it be?"...I mean, did he seriously just ask me that? IF...IF I COULD?! UGH! My response, right before I stormed off..."I wouldn't give my number to ANY OF YOU!" If Tony was telling the story, this is when he would say...it was in that moment I knew that I was going to marry her!

At the time I was NOT interested in dating, especially not a self centered, shallow guy who would dare to ask me a question like that! BUT he was cute...either way, I always wrote on my receipts so I left him a special little note as well. Let's just say, this was in my back sliding days so the wording is cleaned up a bit but it went a little something like this...Have a great night and Thank you for coming to Logan's! PS: If you weren't such a jerk, it would have been you!

In an attempt to make an already long story short, he came back after they left with his to go box in hand and said, "If I offended you in anyway, I truly do apologize. I really would like to get to know you more...maybe take you out to dinner sometime...it doesn't even have to be here. May I have your number please?"

I must have starred at him for 5 minutes, fighting back and fourth in my mind...you are doing good! You don't need to date anyone right now. Just finish school first! UGH why is he so cute! Maybe I should, its only dinner right?...but finally I grabbed his to go box (I was a feisty little thing) I wrote my number on it, pushed it into his chest and walked away. He called that night and we have been inseparable every since!

I would have to write a book in order to reveal all of the many things God has done in our lives because he is so good! Our love is proof that God can and will take your mess and turn it into a message IF you surrender and turn it over to him. Trust me, the last 14 years have been FULL of dramatic ups and downs but he has seen us through them all.

Thank you for sharing this day walking down memory lane with us.


Tony, if you are reading this, I love you more than words can say. Thank you for being the amazing man, husband, father and best friend that you are!

To all of you who took the time to read this the whole way through...read the blog post under this! Trust me, a True Love story comes with many ups and downs, its not as pretty as the pictures and there is a VERY important peace in that post that you can't live without.

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