We can do hard things!

There is nothing quite like a homecoming after your soldiers been gone on a deployment! As I was flipping through some old pictures and seen this one, I thought of all of the hard things we have been through...most recently, cancer followed by another deployment. Then I remembered our very first deployment. We were newly married with 2 kids. Our youngest was only 3 months old and was born with cle...ft lip and plate. Before he left, she had had her first surgery and we knew there were many more to come. That was such a hard time in our lives and there were so many things that were out of our control. But there was one thing that was in my control!

During my second pregnancy, I went from 103lbs to 170ish! πŸ™ˆ I went from a size 0 in jeans to a size 14-16 depending on the pair! When Tony deployed, I felt completely miserable in my own skin! I wasn't myself and our marriage was starting to suffer from it. So I made the decision to lose the weight and get ME back! I will never forget how it felt when he walked off of that plane and seen me for the first time after 15 months! I felt incredible and my confidence was through the roof! In fact, it's why I do what I do now because although I lost the weight while he was gone, I gained 15 lbs back in the first month after his return...why...because I unfortunately didn't learn new healthy habits, I wasn't surrounded by positive, supportive people who were also living a healthy lifestyle and I only did it with a pant size in mind!

That's why it's my mission to help woman experience #TrueChange in their lives! Meaning, it's not just about a # on a scale. It's about a true transformation from the inside out! One that is healthy, realistic and will last a lifetime!

So it's time to stop putting yourself on the back burner! WE can do HARD things, so why is it so hard to get started on our health and fitness journey? FEAR & the LIE'S we tell ourselves! I won't succeed, I can't do this! It's too much money! I don't have time! It's selfish! It won't work! Why try! Any of these sound familiar?

I want to help YOU be the best version of yourself as possible. I want YOU to feel strong, confident and truly at peace from the inside out BECAUSE when you are, I know from personal experience, that it changes everything!

So, this Monday, in honor of all the deployments and hard things we have faced, I will be starting 22 Minute Hard Corps in my Challenge Group!! This is Tony Horton's newest 22 minute military style bootcamp workout! It's fast, it's furious and we will concur it together!

If you are ready for a change and interested in joining my 21 Day Challenge Group and begin your journey of getting fit and lean for the Spring please Message me here or email me at medinal006@gmail.com with your fitness goals...If 22 minute Hardcore is not for you, no worries, I will help you find the right fit for you! No excuses!


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