Well hello there :)

WOW it's been a W-H-I-L-E since I blogged last...deep sigh and deep swallow while I try to figure out exactly why...yep I got nothing!

Ever had those times in life when something crazy amazing happens and you have to take a little time to process it all? Well that's what happened to me.

I recently returned from Summit, which is our huge Corporate training held by Beachbody each year. I LOVE Summit! Not only do I get to workout live with all of our amazing celebrity trainers but I get to hang out and connect with my Team and this year was the most epic year yet!

Say hello to my beautiful Team...well a small portion of them anyways:)

This was us right before we kicked off our first ever Pre-Summit Team Wildfire Training and photo shoot/girlfriend day.

This training was all about #TrueChange...what is #TrueChange? In an industry where before and after pictures are king and physical transformations are what most people reach out to us for, we have found that it goes even deeper then that.


Our Team started over 3 years ago when I decided to take a leap of faith and give coaching a try. Little did I know, this opportunity would change my life forever!

I have to be totally honest, I signed up to coach for the discount after experiencing the energy and results that Shakeology gave me. I started building a Team and getting serious about making this my only career when I came to the realization that I couldn't physically teach anymore group fitness classes, my income had capped and I wanted to be home with my girls.

That's when it happened, a dream to be home with my girls took me on a journey of discovering myself and God on a much deeper level.

I grew up in church but I, like many people, allowed my heart to harden and I turned away from God for a while. During this time I got pregnant at 17, dropped out of high school, moved into a low income apartment and seriously lost the ability to dream for a while but that's a different story that you can read more of by clicking on the link below this picture of me and my sweet baby girl Makayla who just turned 17 herself!

 Fast forward to now...

I own my own business and as an online health and fitness coach that helps people lose weight, tone up and truly get healthy and fit from the inside out. I do that by helping them create healthy habits that will last a lifetime BUT I that's not only skin deep. I have learned from experience and by working with hundreds of people that we all have barriers in our life. We all have lies and excuses that have held us back in some way shape or form and its my personal mission to help us break through and not only reach a goal that we can see reflected in the mirror but a #TrueChange that happens on the inside and shines through on the outside.

This change takes time! This change takes commitment! This change is not always easy and it is NEVER given! It must be won but I BELIEVE that YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT my friend!

The pictures above are of my Team and I after our Team dinner and smore's night. We ended up in the pool again, just like the year before, fully dressed and unplanned (Its totally our tradition now so watch out).

This year however was truly special. Five of our ladies allowed me to Baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holly Spirit! Did I just type that, do that, experience that? YES I DID and its all because of Jesus Christ and his mercy and grace.

The girl seen herself as a statistic has witnessed some of her dear friends and Team members turn their heart and life over to God and while making a public commitment to him.

These are just a few of the True Changes that have occurred on our Team and I am in awe of my God for all he is doing and know with everything inside of me and my Team, Team Wildfire and I am so excited to know that he is just getting started!

Here are a few more fun pictures from our time together.

Team Training and Photo shoot!

The last night of Summit was the closing ceremony in which I walked the stage for recognition for being an Elite Coach in the Company which means I am in the top 1%...me, that high school drop out with no hope.

 The recognition was nice for a moment but you know what meant more to me then any award or recognition that could be presented to me? It was the fact that God has drastically changed my life but that he didn't choose to stop there! He uses me and he uses this Team everyday to help create #TrueChange and that change means FREEDOM!

See the woman in these pictures....

Is no longer bound. She IS FREE!

This woman no longer listens to the lies told to her by the enemy.

 I want you to know that ALL things are possible with God! It doesn't matter what has held you back you CAN overcome!

 This summer was one to remember and I thank you for allowing me to share it with you.

 I know God is just getting started and I also know you landed on my blog for a reason. You and your story are important too and I would love to connect with you. Please be so bold and say hello in a comment below.


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