Dare to let go and grow

For years I filled my mind with limiting beliefs about myself. My lack of confidence and self esteem created barriers and limitations on how I lived my life. It was these barriers that held me back from reaching my full potential.

I read in my personal development this morning that we can not perform outwardly in a way that is inconsistent with how we think inwardly. You can not be what you believe you aren't. But here's the good news: You can change your thinking and as a r...esult, your life. ~ John C. Maxwell

I became more aware of this when I first started surrounding myself with people who's thoughts were higher then mine. They poured positivity into my life instead of agreeing with my negativity. I also had to start dealing with my past hurts and fears which helped breed the insecurities and lies. Honestly my husband was one of the first people to truly help me through this healing process that did in fact change my thinking. It has taken years, it definitely didn't happen over night but It's been worth every day of the journey and has actually made me grateful for every part of my life, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The battle field of the mind is a place we need to be very aware of, on guard and ready to defend!

Be honest with yourself today, are there barriers holding you back that you are allowing because of your limited belief?

I know this may deep but sometimes the mindless scrolling has to stop in order to build depth in your real life Love you my fit family and I want you to be free too!

Lisa MedinaComment