Beach Wave Hair Tutorial

You asked so I wanted to here it is, my very first HAIR TUTORIAL!

Beach hair is my fav but living in the Pacific North West where the water is Polar Bear Plunge COLD all year round means you have to get creative! :) So I create my own beach waves and I have a few extra tips and tricks that help me achieve the look that I thought I should share.

So for all of you busy ladies on the go give this a try. It only takes about 10 minutes (when your not talking to a camera:) and it makes you feel so much better to look in the mirror and feel beautiful and dare I say a little bit sexy?:)

Overall my first tutorial was a fun learning experience! I learned that the camera should be strategically placed so I am not filming my arm pit the entire time...I learned that I SHOULD shave before creating a hair tutorial in a tank top and I learned that I am a nut! Ok I knew the last part but now the world will also know the levels of my silliness:)

So be sure to check it out and let me know if you would like to see more tutorial from me and what kind of tutorials you would like to see, that would be great!:)

Lisa MedinaComment