Becoming Active: A Teenage Perspective

I wasn't able to work out much last week due to an illness that quickly went from bad to worse. It started as allergies and somehow got to contagious staph infection.

However, this week I was able to get back to the gym.

To make up for the week I lost I pushed myself harder than I ever had before, on a machine I had never touched before.

This machine is known as I actually don't know the name of it. It was sort of like an elliptical, but you could choose how long your stride was.

This machine, whatever it is, was 12 times worse than any other machine I had ever worked out on! It kicked my butt, and I kicked it right back.

When I got off of that torture device, I saw something amazing.


Distance: 3.17 miles

Calories: 389

Duration: 35 mins

Avg. Strides/Min: 88

Avg. Heart Rate: 161


I was dripping sweat...

I was wobbly at the knees...

I was ready for the next half of the workout.

It was always a goal of mine to run more than 3 miles on at least one machine, and it finally happened.

After I got off the machine, I realized that I was one of those people.

I was one of those people that wanted to work out everyday just for the fun of it. I was one of those people that got off the machines with a smile on their face, and I was happy about it.

I always thought that exercise was painful and exhausting, but now I know that I was wrong.

Yes, workouts are painful but when you really get into it, pain feels more like telling weakness to leave the body.

Yes, workouts are exhausting, but when you can go just a little longer or get a little stronger, you realize that YOU are doing something good for YOURSELF and there isn't a better feeling.

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