How can a Braid improve your workout?

I know what you are can a braid really improve my workout?

As a busy mom of three who works out and helps others with their health and fitness for a living, I OFTEN find myself staying in my sweaty workout  clothes. As a matter of fact I slip into my jeans on rare occasions to run errands and "dress it up a bit."

Don't get me wrong, this mamma cleans up well and can glam up with the best of them BUT I am talking about the M-F hustle and bustle time that tends to throw us back into the comfort of our yoga pants, hats or ladies know what I'm talking about and its not all bad. As a matter of fact I commend you for working out and taking care of Gods temple!

So here are my 2cents on how a "braid" can improve your workouts and your LIFE.

Check this out! :)

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Do you feel better about yourself when you take an extra 5 minutes in the morning?

Does this resonate with you?

Tell me more:)

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