Get Fit Fast!

Get Fit Fast!

We all know that losing weight can be hard and take more time then you might like...however the cold hard fact is losing weight to fast is NOT good for you.

My grandmother died in her sleep not long after losing a lot of weight in a very short amount of time. My mother told me that she was so excited about her weight loss, how she looked and the fact that none of her clothes fit anymore. However her body was lacking the nutrition that it needed and simply couldn't function properly. This is one of the reasons why I am NOT a fan of fad diets and I spend my life devoted to helping people get HEALTHY and Fit the right way.

Even knowing my grandmothers story I tried weight loss pills and fad diets in my younger years and unfortunately paid the price after getting sick! I wanted to feel good in my skin again so badly that I was ready to try anything so I know how my poor grandmother felt. I will never forget crying in the closet when I had to get dressed to go out in public and don't even mention a swimsuit or shorts...that was a nightmare. 

I have a feeling that many of you can relate and with summer fast approaching and ideas of quick fixes running ramped I would like to share a few healthy Get Fit tips with you. Do remember these are HEALTHY ways to get Fit so it won't happen over night but it will help you see results quickly and most importantly it will help you develop healthy routines that you can continue for a lifetime.

1. Start Strength Training:

Most women think that strength training will make them bulk up so they shy away from it when it’s actually the secret to burning more calories and losing weight faster. Gaining muscle speeds up your metabolism and burns fat. So the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even when you’re sitting still.

If you lose weight without doing strength-training exercises, you’re likely losing muscle along with fat and actually slowing your metabolic rate. 

While muscle is heavier than fat, it's also more compact. So, as you develop muscle you’ll notice your clothes aren’t as snug, even if the number on the scale hasn’t moved a bit! Listen, I know that can seem frustrating but trust me, stop relying so heavily on the scale, its a LIAR! When you know you are losing weight the healthy way and truly taking care of your body then your doing the right thing and the results will come...besides, don't let a number define you!

In case its in the back of your mind...female bodybuilders lift extremely heavy weights to see big gains in muscle size and, in some cases, take steroids to add more bulk but you don’t have to worry about building oversized muscles with a tailored strength routine, Trust Me! Your muscles will look firm, sexy and shapely without turning you into that scary hulk version of bulky that we all feared at some point. Take it from a girl who loves weight training and tackled Body Beast with her husband as her first Beachbody workout program, it works!

2. Eat to Fuel your body:
Our bodies are Gods temple and we know we feel better when we are eating healthier, so why is it so hard to do?

Your body craves what you put in it so when we feed our sugar cravings instead of fueling our body with healthy foods then that's all we want to eat. In return we get unwanted fat, cellulite sluggish bodies that we hate to look at in the mirror. I have to think that's not the way God intended it to be. I mean I read of bad apples and fruits of plenty in the Garden of Eden but for some reason I couldn't find mention of Snickers bars and ice-cream cakes...think it was a hint?:)

So instead of the processed goodies you grew up on, the comfort foods that you are terrified to break up with, learn to choose a lean proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats, veggies and fruits.

A good rule of thumb...Eat within an hour of waking. Skipping breakfast is not an option. Your breakfast establishes your metabolic rate throughout the day, so choose wisely.

Eat five to six SMALLER meals a day. Portion control is key even when you clean up your eating.

Drink plenty of water and kick out soda and other sugary drinks. Drinking more water will not only keep you well hydrated but it will also help keep you feeling fuller longer.

3. Make up your MIND:
I know you want to stop reading right now but trust me this is important.

We make time for what is important to us and the key to getting and staying healthy and fit starts in your mind! We often think the first two tips would be the most helpful but if you haven't committed to the process and truly bought into the reason WHY you are working to get healthy and fit then it won't last.

I was talking with an amazing woman at the gym the other day and she shared how its easier for her to spend time with God and to do other things that she knows are important, but she wasn't quite sure why eating healthy and exercise was so hard for her.

Can I tell you friend that taking care of God's temple is how you become the best version of YOU so you can do what God is placing on your heart to do?

When we are not comfortable in our own skin, it effects our thoughts and attitudes towards everything...even our ministry...its a fact.

When we are not exercising then we may not even have the strength to do the task at hand.

When we aren't fueling Gods temple, we may not even have the energy to participate fully in the life that God has given.

So make up your mind that YOU are worth it! It takes discipline and action, that's not always easy, but you can do it!

Pastor Rick Warren said it best..."God Created it. Jesus Died for it. The Spirit lives in it. I'd better take care of it."

4. Schedule your workouts and Meals:
Yes this takes a little time and disciple, but remember, you can do anything you put your mind to!:) So don't skip this step!

You can NOT leave your workouts and meals to chance. Schedule them like meetings with your boss that cant be missed! Then make a commitment to yourself that you'll more than just show up!

As for your meals, sit down and write out what you will eat for every meal and snack. By doing this you will not only stay on track and save money on your grocery bill but you will also be ready to fight the temptations that come when you are hungry! When you plan for what your going to eat and you take the extra steps to be prepared, then you will be less likely to fall for the temptation of grabbing fast-food or other unhealthy options that go against your goals.


I would love to hear from you! Are you currently working on getting your health and fitness back on track? Do you have some tips that have really helped you along the way?

Were these tips helpful? I won't know unless you comment, click like and share below so be kind and show me some love so I know what to provide more of.

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