Becoming Active: A Teenage Perspective

By: Makayla Medina

Exercise always seemed miserable; the puddles of sweat, the pained expressions on people’s faces, the labored breathing. Absolutely nothing about exercise was appealing.


One of my favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan, often talked about the gym itself, the type of people that go to the gym, how he could never make it to the gym, and weird things that he found himself doing while he was at the gym.


Now the first day I went to the gym I was extremely surprised. The YMCA was filled with senior citizens that could lift more weights than me, do more reps than me, and out run me anyday. The first day I was so discouraged that I took the tour, asked about all of the classes (to burn time), and then told my mom I had to print out papers at the college and that we needed to leave as soon as possible. When we got in the car, my mom started talking about the exercises we could have done and I was like “I broke into a sweat putting these yoga pants on this morning. That counts as exercise right?”.


Well the next day at the gym was the day we decided to take the spin class, my hopes were high because my mom used to teach a spin class and she said it was super fun. So I walked into the the room with my back straight and my head high, anticipating a fun cycling experience.


Lets just say that my dreams were crushed by Superman and Sherlock Holmes.


Even though the class lacked musical motivation I still got a good workout in. At one point I almost threw up! I looked at my mom and told her that chunks were about to fly, and all she did was point to the trash bin at the back of the room and say “Get right back on your bike once you’re done”.


Right then and there I knew that I had picked the most hardcore push partner known to man!


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