What to do when life throws you off track!


Ok… total transparency, my family’s life has been a complete world wind since this past New Year.  Both Tony and I have been traveling for business and dealing with some unforeseen emergencies. Finally, we decided to take a pause and spend a little “cuddle bug” time, as I like to call it and started talking about how hectic things have been.  As crazy as it sounds I really enjoyed hearing that he felt like he was in the same funk that I was, isn’t it great sometimes to just hear that others around you are going through similar trials!  Two of the major differences that we identified was our diet and exercise routine.  With all of the travelling, we found ourselves eating fast food, drinking less water, and scrambling our sleeping habits.  For the most part Tony and I both had very regimented workout routines and over the past 90 days, they seem to become more sporadic at best.  In the end, we decided that we were just not happy with the direction we had taken and needed to make the decision to get our family’s life back on track.

Most importantly, the way ahead must be deliberate, what that means for us is prior to starting the new week we sit together and meal plan. We go over what we would like to eat each day and give ourselves healthy alternatives just in case unforeseen circumstances take more of our time than we expected.  Our next step is taking a moment in the morning and mentally walking through how the day’s events may go prior to jumping in the car and heading out.  Before we leave the house, we allot time to prepare my shake and Tony ensures he has a balanced breakfast, so he doesn’t miss the meal.  I am packing snacks for the day ahead, which consists of fruits and vegetables that I pre-pack during our meal prep time and stored in my refrigerator in a grab and go bag (Broccoli, carrots, cherry tomatoes, grapes, assorted nuts). 


I also ensure I pack my Nalgene bottle full of water that I continue to top off at each stop. On the days that I know we will be on the road quite a bit, I am preparing crock pot meals and we are saving the time consuming meals for the afternoons that we have more free time, which for us is usually Thursday-Sunday.   We are also preparing extra servings that Tony can take with him to work and I can warm up for lunch at the house with the girls.

Life can get busy, hectic, and at times throw you curve balls that can get you away from your normal routine. It happens to ALL of us. What is most important is identifying those times and taking the steps necessary to get back on track and fuel our bodies so that we have the energy levels necessary to tackle life’s challenges. It doesn't pay to beat yourself up or hang your head, it simply takes jumping back into action!

I will be sharing more about our meals, workouts and other shanangans along the way but its GO TIME "AKA" GET MY FOCUS BACK  time for the Medinas again! :) Is it go time for you too?

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