Do you want your kids to see the value in healthier eating and exercise?

"I am going to become best friends with all of those little old ladies...we are going to talk about our yarn and do water aerobics's going to be GREAT!" ...Yep, those are the exact words that came from my daughters mouth as we pulled out of our local YMCA this morning.  Oh how I love my daughter and her sweet old spirit trapped in a young girls body. How many 16 year old's would say that? Not many I am sure BUT how many times do we count our teenagers out of the equation before we even ask what they would like to do?

I haven't had a gym membership in three years (which is like an eternity to an old gym rate like me:) but now that my girls are getting older and the weather isn't the greatest this time of year we decided the YMCA would be a great place for us to join. I am all about mixing things up a bit and  since I have missed my beloved spin class and  I am not hardcore enough to ride in the cold WA rain a good spin class sounds really good about now.


The thing is, three years ago when I was teaching Group Fitness Classes my girls weren't old enough to participate in anything at the gym but now my oldest and middle daughter are .

Every new age comes with new opportunities and my hope is that in every stage I can be understanding and encouraging to my daughters. I think all mothers want that for their children right? 

 I must admit one of my biggest concerns  as a mother who has worked in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 8 years, is that my daughters understand why I do what I do! I want my girls to have a great body image and to truly understand how why its important to take care of their bodies in a healthy, I was a very particular about the way I asked my 16 year old daughter if she was up for the new challenge of being my Push Partner and gym buddy. Why?  I didn't want her to ever feel as if I thought she needed to lose weight or workout because of an outward appearance. I love my girls and they are all absolutely beautiful just the way they are!

My desire is that all woman truly learn to love themselves from the inside out and that their confidence and healthy lifestyle can flow over into their children's  lives as well. To me that means INSTEAD of working out simply to look good in that bikini we work out and eat healthier to take care of the frame that God gave be stronger than we were yesterday so we can experience a better quality of life. A life that is rich with strength to complete every task at hand, to carry out your calling and to have the energy to keep up with our little blessings! :) I know that there is nothing quite like feeling comfortable in your own skin, don't get me wrong but to me that is the after effect of taking care of yourself. I also know the difference of being a smaller size and not doing it the healthy way and still struggling internally with how I truly felt about myself. That's why our outlook on what a healthy lifestyle really means is truly important.  I am always sharing my true feelings on dieting and exercise with my girls because I don't want them to get caught up in societies view of "perfect", being "skinny" or what they "should and should not" look like! I want them to think deeper than that and know that they are worth more!

I don't know about you but even in my adult years I have found myself struggling with body image from time to time and even saying negative things about myself in front of my daughters..cringe, I know. The good thing is, it's never to late to realign your focus. It's never to late to build confidence and to share that with our kids but we do have to make that conscious decision and try every day.

So greatly to my surprise, my beautiful teenage daughter (who has many times claimed to be too lazy) said YES! She is now my Push Partner!

My daughter is also going to be sharing on the blog so we can see what our teenagers are thinking, what they need from us, what they want to talk about when they are not talking and more. You may also hear from my 12 and 7 year old as well!

So this is what we need from all of you!:) What topics would you like to hear more about?

EX:  How do I get my kids to eat healthy and workout? How can I communication with my teenager, middle school and elementary age kids? Fun tips on things to do with your kids?

We will be working together as well as with other moms and kids of different ages to provide great content but we want to hear from you. What would be most helpful to you. Thank you in advance for reading this and for commenting. I know its not always something parents want to admit or talk about but I feel like its so important and we are very excited to get started so we appreciate your openness. 

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