My Secret 30,30,30 Moves for a nice ROUND BOOTY...yep I said it!

 Here you have it...I am sharing my secret  30,30,30 moves that are sure to help your glutes look nice and round! I just blushed a little but none of us want a flat or saggy behind...right ladies?

I use to do these special moves when I taught my group fitness classes and they were a fan favorite...why? BECAUSE THEY WORK!  

So here's what you do, if you want to get (or keep;) that nice round shape then get on your stability ball with your hips supported and follow these steps!

~Safety first~

- Stabilize your upper body with your hands underneath your shoulders. (joint tip, if you tend to lock the elbows, turn your fingers in slightly. It will cause a natural bend in the elbows, keeping your joints safe)

- With feet on the outside of your mat, keep your abs tight! When you start, you will bring the legs up just enough to get a nice squeeze in the glutes but do NOT arch your back. If you feel your back arching you are going to high.

***The moves

1. Start with feet placed outside of your mat and do a single straight leg leg left each side 30 times.
2. Then lift both legs together, still keeping them wide for a count of 30.
3. Let knees come to the outside of the ball, feet pressed together to start. Lift feet towards the ceiling, squeezing knees towards each other and squeezing your glutes. Slowly release back to starting position and repeat 30 times.

You can hug your ball when you are done to get a good stretch in the back;)


Ok now I would LOVE to hear from you! Is your booty burning yet? Come on be real...did you try these moves? If you did, let me know how you liked them. If you haven't tried them yet...BACK AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER! Go do it!!:) Then let me know how you did.

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