Fun Friday DIY

 Enough burnt Tahoe action, lets have fun!

Every woman has her of mine is decorating and making my own DIY projects around the house! It's calming, immediately rewarding and a little I have any DIYers who understand?

Right before the fire fiasco I had a blast with some quick DIY that made a HUGE difference in my kitchen and living room...wanna see?

Sweet! So here is my table before the redo! It was given to me by one of my beautiful sisters so it means a lot to me.

After I received it, I ended up sanding only the top...which was cool for a while guessed it, I got bored!


  1. The above shot was taken after I sanded the was plain but I actually loved the look for a while. Later I decided to paint the top white and distress it a bit. I didn't have a great picture of this step but you can see it below right behind the great picture of my sweet baby girl who LOVES to eat berries! :)

I actually loved this look too but it wasn't quite below you see my oldest daughter helping me paint the legs. If at first you don't succeed, try, try's one of the fun things about can keep working on it and change it up when you are bored which is perfect for someone like me who gets bored easily. :)

Here is the finished product...I think we FINALLY got it right! I am IN LOVE with the new, fresh, white distressed look! It really brightens up the space. Then to pull it all together, I found this beautiful rug at Ross for under $50! So what do you you like the before or the after?

I would love to hear from all of you DIY? What was your last project? I am always looking for some fun inspiration.

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