No more Road Trips Tahoe...

 Say hello and goodbye to my beautiful Road Trip Tahoe...the memories made in this truck will never be forgotten. From bringing our third daughter home from the hospital on the island of Oahu Hawaii, to driving across 14 States on a month long road trip packed down with 3 kids, 2 adults and 2 dogs...this Tahoe was like family. 

 Many of you may have seen the horrific video of my Tahoe burning to the ground...if not this is it. I always said that I would rock it until the wheels fell off...guess I should have said melted off! :/

The big question is, how did it happen?

 Sunday March 22, 2015, we had decided it was the perfect day to have lunch at our house with a few families from church. After lunch our oldest daughter asked for the truck keys so she could go outside and pump up the tire on her unicycle. We have a little electric pump that we often use simply by plugging it into the trucks cigarette lighter. Our daughter is 16 and has used this pump many times so we didn't think much of it. A few minutes later she runs inside and tells us that the truck has smoke coming out of it. Thank God she came right in to tell us because  it caught on fire in less than 2 minutes! My husband had just enough time to move it away from the house and the other cars to across the street where it blew up! It was totally in flames and gone in less than 5 or 10 minutes! This is what was left of our beloved Tahoe...

Thank God everyone is safe, but it really shook us up and put into perspective how quick your life can change. Take time and love on those closest to you, all material possessions can be taken in an instance but it is the family and friends around us that matter the most...that matter at all!

 Needless to say it is still a little unreal to us all. Not only was this Tahoe full of great memories but it had been paid off for years which is another reason we loved it so much!

Another blessing...If this would have happened three years ago it would have been financially devastating! I have to admit I was still very upset because this did NOT fit into my "PAY OFF ALL DEBT" plan for 2015 but I can barely express how grateful I am to have a job that helps us in moments like these! So a HUGE THANK YOU to all of my clients and Team Wildfire (I think that Tahoe wanted to be our Mascot:) who help me grow this life changing business and to all of you who took the time to read this blog!  

So the search starts but I think we already have a plan that may surprise you:) I will keep you all posted on what we do next so stay tuned!

Also I would love to hear from all of you...I don't want to simply share on my blog I want to make connections with all of you. If you read this blog THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I would love to get to know you and read your comments below. I know this is a much more personal post but its life:) More fitness fun soon promise!



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