Mark 11:24

Have you ever woke up and couldn't go back to sleep?

Today, Tony and I decided to sleep in a bit. It's our rest day for Hammer & Chisel and our schedule would allow it but God had different plans. He woke me up at 4:00 am and almost 3 hours later, I couldn't be more at peace and happier that I woke up for alone time with my amazing Father!

Every year, since becoming a coach, I have written out my goals for the upcoming year. This year is no different yet as I sat down I knew that the way I went through this process had to be.

Last year I wrote out my plans and made them I thought! I came up with goals that I knew I could achieve if I really worked for them but God had different plans for me.

This year I didn't achieve some of the goals I set out to achieve yet the growth has been incredible! That's when it hit me, the biggest goal I had, I wasn't looking at the same way I looked at my other business and life goals! My prayer was to grow deeper in relationship with God, to be emptied of myself so I could be full of him and fulfill his calling on my life and it's happening!

At first glance, looking at my old list of goals made me feel like I took a few steps back this year and who wants to do that? At a deeper look, I realized that I haven't taken a few steps back at all! In fact, I've grown and moved forward in countless ways because of God's mercy and grace!

So why did I feel like I had taken a few steps back? Because, God had to empty me of myself!That process has been long and painful and truth be told, still happening! The crazy part is, I didn't even realize how much of me needed to be removed! My intentions seemed so pure and my heart was in the right place yet I was still trying to DO things my way! Work hard enough and plan with out a daily meeting with my true CEO, Jesus Christ! I was reading his word, making time for worship and was spending more time with God than ever before yet I still allowed distractions of the process to side track me and make me feel defeated.

 I realize now, that there is no BIG goal that I must reach to be successful, no pinnacle moment that will define who I am...God is more interested in taking this journey with me and partnering in the process of walking out my calling!

So this month, before I set goals and start the planning process, I am meeting with God! I am writing out my prayers and simply sitting in silence asking what his plans are! What does he want me to do and how! I am clearly writing down my life statement and the calling I feel he has on my life so I can read them on those days when life is hectic and I am tempted to forget! I am praying Gods word and believing his truth over the distractions!

If you have a heart after God yet you feel the tug of your todo list or the countless expectations (that usually come from us not him) then I recommend reading "You're Already Amazing" by Holley Gerth! It's an incredible book!

I also lovingly encourage you to write out your prayers and find scripture to pray that relates to what you are facing or planning. Once you know they line up with Gods calling on your life, what he truly wants you to do then stand on Mark 11:24❤️ and remember it's a process not a BIG pinnacle moment. Start soaking up his mercy and grace and basking in his love daily! Let his word and his love be the source of your joy, the passion that fuels you❤️ and always remember that he loves you! He created you and he didn't make any mistakes. He knows the plans he has for you and they are good, simply trust him.

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