How to overcome Depression

So I'm switching things up this morning and I feel like it's time to get something off my chest.

In the past, I have struggled with depression. I have compared myself more times then I would like to admit, I have been to hard on myself and I expect perfection even when I know it's impossible.

I am only sharing this because I am passionate about helping people overcome so they can live a life of true abundance that Christ died for. I also know that there are more then likely many of you in my Fit Family who can probably relate and I want to let you know that you don't have to stay there...I can say that with full confidence because I didn't stay and God has walked me through a beautiful process of freedom and still is.

Today I readjusted because I am more in tune with who God made me to be and what I need to function properly.

The last few days I have pushed to hard in certain areas and they weren't exactly the areas that mattered most. Now I am slowing down so I can be more productive in what truly matters instead of feeling like I have to do it all.

I am not overwhelmed with the feeling of "why did you end up here again" or "what's wrong with you" or "why can't I just figure this out and get it right?"

It's been a journey but I am so grateful that God is always working on me and I am always readjusting when I need to. I have learned to control my thoughts and redirect while stopping panic dead in its tracks.

I was humbled this morning as I had that moment of panic...I laid on the bed, in the dark for a few moments to calmed my mind and instead of wondering how I would get things done I asked myself what my sweet spots are (those times when I am most alert and productive), what I needed in order to truly function and what things do I have to get done with the time and commitments I have in this moment. By doing so, I was able to recognize that a few small adjustments would make all the difference in the world! I now have my to do list for the day and a new plan to try out next week that revolves around the hours of the day I am most productive and alert. Now instead of panic, wasting time or over dramatizing thing I am excited and at peace!

Moral of this share is STOP...take a deep breathe in and slowly let it don't have to be perfect, there is nothing wrong with you, it's ok to stop and reevaluate and then adjust accordingly. If you don't want to feel the way you feel then release it to God, pray about it and start taking steps towards overcoming those barriers, excuses and lies that try to keep you from reaching your fullest potential!

Now I just have to ask and oh how I pray you will be so bold to respond...have you ever struggled with overwhelming feeling and felt like it was just you? If so, will you be so bold to share what those feelings related to (ex: your job, to much to do and not enough of you, comparison) and have you found anything that has truly helped you get through the process of overcoming? You never know who you will encourage, help or inspire and if you haven't found that help yet, I pray this post and the responses will inspire you to stop the noise and start the process of overcoming today

Have an awesome Friday Fit Family

Lisa MedinaComment