Today I decided...

Today I decided to take my office to my new favorite coffee shop downtown...why did I do this?

1. Because Praise God I am in a place where I CAN! ~ I wanted to be my own Boss for FREEDOM! Freedom to live my life by design and today this is what it looks like.

2. Because sometimes a simple change of scenery changes everything! Why sit in the house and get frustrated and overwhelmed when I can get out, clear my head and meet people? 

 I think it's easy for us to get stuck in a mindset that in order to succeed there has to be some cookie cutter mold that we must find a way to fit into and that couldn't be further from the truth. 

 Personal Development is a beautiful thing simply because you will get to know YOURSELF in ways that you never imagined and that's how you grow past the thinking that has kept you where you are. 

 Years ago I might not have paid attention to the signs that I simply needed to live in my freedom...meaning THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX! I simply needed to shower, put on some makeup, grab my laptop and get OUT of the house to make today different, creative and successful. In the past I would have continued to get frustrated with the fact that I was frustrated and had a mind block...therefore enabling myself to STAY STUCK!

 Today I want you to sit and think about an area of frustration that you maybe dealing with. Think about how you might be stuck...maybe it's your routine or simply the state of mind you are in, allowing little things to control the big picture. What ever it is, first recognize it, then let's talk about it and come up with a plan to get you out of it!

 You made the choice to be FREE but that freedom comes at a price...that price is being true to who you are and It's a price worth paying. However you must find out who you truly are beyond what you see on the surface and that can take time. When you realize who you were truly created to be then you have unlocked potential to change the world! 

 So let's here it...whats something simple that you can do today that will help you break away and see things through fresh eyes? 

Lisa MedinaComment