What Wildfire Breaking Free Truly Means

Throughout my life I have learned that continuing your spiritual walk is a process. For me, its been more like a Wildfire Process! Let me explain.

In nature, when a Wildfire sweeps through, it is actually removing dead and decaying roots that will act as fuel, to future fires that would be more deadly, intense and disastrous.

It eliminates dense, hard to penetrate foliage and enables a NEW GENERATION of seedlings (vision) to grow.

The intense fire and heat strips nutrients and minerals out of the burning plants, which creates more fertile ground for new species of plants to grow.

In fact, some plants only exist because of the Wildfire!

Let that sink in for a moment.

I created this blog because I know I am not the only one who desires to have a personal, more intimate relationship with God.

I know I am not the only one who deeply desires to do Gods will.

I also know that I am not the only one with deep roots that need to be burned out in order for beautiful new growth to come.

I don’t want to live and die without accepting and going through Gods Wildfire Process. I don’t want to die without Breaking Free!

The reality is, there is frustration in this Wildfire Process.

I believe that we weren’t meant to do life alone, so I am determined to go through it with you!


Wildfire Breaking Free - The Spark That Keeps Us Going!

It’s going to get hot in here!

On the blog I will share real life tested and some proven processes here, along with testimonies of my own and of others. Testimonies that I fully believe will help set us free!

I will share the real, raw truth of christian married life, parenting, Army life, managing moves and travel to name a few.

It’s a process so it won’t be perfect but it will be REAL!

So What’s The Spark That Keeps Us Going

I’ve always been a self driven, motivated kind of person. If I want something in life, I usually go all in and work for it.

I use to think that my hard work and focus was the spark that kept me going. Now I know, the spark that keeps me going is Jesus!

I can’t control how my life goes, it’s truly in Gods hands. He controls how it burns!

I can’t manufacture it or control how it spreads.

There was a time that I found my spark in WHO I WAS and WHAT I DID.

I am learning to find my spark in WHO GOD IS and WHO HE SAYS I AM!

My title doesn’t define me, his love does.

So in case you’ve been looking for a spark you thought you’d lost. Look no further, it’s Jesus!


About Lisa

I was born and raised in the South.

I was a shy child, the baby of 5 with big dreams and ambitions.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that life wasn’t the fairy tale I thought it was.

My young heart was broken and for a while, I lost my way.

I got pregnant at 16 and was a single mom at 17. 

For a long time, I felt like a statistic, a failure.

No matter how hard I tried, I never felt good enough.

This was a lie I allowed myself to believe for far too long which is why I shared it right from the start.

I’ve learned that we are only negatively defined by our past if we allow ourselves to be.

No one has the perfect life and you know what, that’s ok!

Every step of our journey has purpose.

In fact, some of our greatest strengths come through our greatest struggles.


God sent the one he created just for me.

He is the most amazing man in the world and we were married at the tender age of 20. You can find our love story on the blog!

My husband Tony is Puerto Rican and also from the South, which means he is a perfect blend of island magic and Southern charm. Subsequently, this also means that our three daughters are a splendid combination of Southern Bell and Tropical Hurricane! 

I’m an Army wife and my life can best be described as organized chaos, or the girl saved by Grace.

We’ve already moved 11 times in 16 years but I wouldn't change it for the world!

Professional Background

My challenging start didn’t hold me back. I finished high school and have a few years of college under my belt.

As an Army wife, my career has taken on many shapes but I’m most passionate about building businesses and helping others in personal, spiritual and leadership development.

I’ve grown a few of my own businesses and helped others do the same, all while raising my babies.

I’ve traveled more than I ever imagined and I’m excited for what’s to come.

I am not who I once was and I am not who I will be.

I am still going through the Wildfire Process and I am called to share it with you.

This is my life. This is our blog. Let’s do this thing called life together.